Maximize the value of you company by positioning it for sale.buying_a_business

How is that done?

  • Keep good books and records.
  • Increase your sales.
  • Develop your sales force.
  • Remove yourself. Make the business less dependent on you – train a manager.
  • Identify add-backs. If you have a company car, life insurance policy, cell phone, these items need to be either removed from the business or clearly identified for an “add back.”
  • Diversify your customer base.
  • Rethink all purchases. Be frugal.
  • Sell off unproductive equipment and inventory.
  • Best possible appearance.
  • Have an attractive lease.
  • Write down ideas for improving the performance of the business.
  • Time kills all deals. Be prepared and ready.
  • No surprises!
  • Exit Planning

Consult with the A List Group ahead of time to position the company for sale for the maximum value possible.

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